Education, Exercise, and Social Interaction Through Everyday Adventure


Never mind a Fire Hall. Let’s throw timbits at seagulls

I told the kids we were going on mission where we were going to do two things, go to the timbit store, and something else that was a secret. Outside of tim hortons, I showed them the timbits we were g...Read More

[video] Thames River Kids’ Run & Sticks Throw

she looks like 11 from Stranger Things for a second Took the kids out for a ride today. This time our forest adventure took us to the section of woods between the Thames River and multipurpose asphalt...Read More

[video] 2 minutes and 20 seconds of homeschool ideas

Ever consider homeschooling and wondering if you can do it? Already a homeschooler and looking for some new ideas? This video is from an hour in the woods. What happened when the camera wasn’t r...Read More

Multitasking at Homeschool

Why play accordions and violins in the living room when they are still only 'weird sound makers' when you can play them outside? Today, over music theory and hand/finger placement class, we explore...Read More

[video] Learning to read (among other things) with dinosaurs

Dinosaur toys. Every kid loves them. And if your kid is a boy, you’ve seen them in the store toy aisles… Every dollar store sells ‘the famous dinosaurs’ but as a homeschooling ...Read More

Slacklining: A Homeschool Class? Recess? Whatever.

Meanwhile, at a slackline homeschool meetup: I set up the line with help from a dad whose four year old already plays chess, and had a lovely conversation with a mom starting with ‘Do your kids ...Read More

Almost Two & Almost Four; Introducing Unicycling to Children

The best thing a parent can get for their kid who wants to learn to unicycle is a unicycle for themselves too. As a long time unicyclist and brand new dad, my initial (and short lived) goal was to hav...Read More

[video] When You Get The Blues : School until 1am

11pm : The wee one wakes up and comes to see me for some reason. 1am: I send him to bed. He’s done. ┬áHis sleep schedule was a little off with a giant workout on the snow pile before climbing in ...Read More

The window was down, the doors unlocked, and a homeless bum walked right up my kids in their carseats

What would YOU do?? I could have rolled up the window, but I didn’t bother. I could have locked the door, but it was already wide open. While waiting for mommy to ‘just run in for a second...Read More

Sound education; a new batch of tools

$100 Gift Card from Gramma. 100 Benefits From Wikipedia : “The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete, a small guitar-like instrument, which wa...Read More

My toddler volunteered our assistance to a 9 fingered man

We were on the bus. He was entertaining himself with his dinosaur. A older-than-me guy sits down next to him, and asks him if that was a dinosaur. He said, ‘yes, a dilophosaurus. that means two ...Read More

“Hey, I’m not mad. But I have a question…”

“It could smash into the TV. I don’t think I want to do that again, dad.” He played with more in the one day he decided it was a shunosaurus (a sauropod with a bony club tail) than h...Read More

You have a fire evacuation plan. Do you have a crib evacuation plan? I didn’t.

Resale value of crib : Now $0 Those weren’t the screams of a hungry kid. Something was up. She was in pain. She has been trying to get her legs and arms out the holes in crib slats her entire li...Read More

Had my toddler had not loved practicing unicycling, he’d be dead right now. If I had been a second slower, me and his sister would be.

I never knew a car could get going so fast in reverse with such little warning Yesterday on a walk to gramma’s, (down the sidewalk of a lightly trafficked laneway…only parked cars from her...Read More

15 months and she knows what’s going on

I told the toddler I was going to take a shower and then we were going to go get some groceries. I told the infant I’d be right back, and her brother was on duty. I got out of the shower and she...Read More

Babysitter Takes Charge On City Bus

I was standing on the bus next to the stroller. The toddler was sitting by himself a few seats over and on the other side. (I know an empty seat is an empty seat to him and he doesn’t care if I&...Read More

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